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If you find that washing your dog is a pain in the back as well as a chore, then you need to check out our self-service dog wash!

We provide a professional, clean, stress-free environment where pet owners can bathe and dry their pets with ease and efficiency.

Washing a dog can be a messy business in cramped city apartments, especially in your bathroom.

For starters, you wont need to get down on your knees because of our special raised tubs with spray and massage hoses for easy rinsing, plus we provide everything you need.

No more chiropractor visits, plumbing bills nor cleaning hair from all over the bathroom you just bring the dog in and we clean up the mess. The self-service dog wash is cheaper than a groomer and saves your house from the wet dog smell and the mess!!

We also specialized on home made bake goods and treats for your dog.






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2070 W. Spring Creek Pkwy.
Suite 306
Plano, TX 75023